About Us


The Paulista Avenue Bakery & Cafe, LLC aka PAULISTA ARTISAN BAKERY was named after the largest and most famous avenue in São Paulo City. Paulista Avenue is a very busy area that hosts many important events in Brazil such as popular celebrations, cultural and business events, as well as large protests -  attracting shoppers and tourists from all around the world.

Paulista Artisan Bakery is unique as every item is carefully crafted following traditional production of handmade pastry and savory treats. We offer a selected variety of cheese bread, loaves and sweets - all made of the finest ingredients, with no artificial preservatives and following recipes that are timeless and unforgettable.

Our mission is to bring the deliciousness of Brazilian pastry and savory treats into the homes and hearts of New York City.


Soraia Nakazato was born in Brazil and has been living in New York City for more than 20 years. Being a baking enthusiast and having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Soraia combined a passion for baking with intensive training with famous pastry chefs in Brazil. She produces and develops baked goods using local finest ingredients to recreate delicious and unique flavors from traditional and functional Brazilian pastry recipes.